What do you do with your phone while you are skating?

There is a skateboard store near us and they send lots of customers to our store. Thanks neighbor.

Most of the time, the phone drop off from the pocket. Some time the phone crack because the skater accidentally fall.

During talk to these skating people, I learnt a few things about what do you do with your phone while you are skating.

  1. Where to put your phone?

The best place to put your phone is rear leg front pocket. It is hard to fall on that side unless you switch your leg.

  1. How to carry your phone?

A zippered pocket will be ideal so your phone won’t have the possibility to drop from your pocket. Carry a small bag will also be helpful. Don’t forget to zip up your bag.

  1. How to protect your phone?

Using a strong case will definitely protect your phone whether it dropped or not.

There are people don’t like tempered glass but it really protect your screen.

  1. What to do if it had already cracked?

I suggest customers fix their cracked phone as soon as possible because it may get worse is there is another drop. Just fix the screen is much easier and cheaper than fix the motherboard.

  1. Is there other tips?

There is one more tip. Back up your data or upload everything to cloud daily so if anything happen you still have your information.

Thanks for reading this blog. Hope you all safe during skating.

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